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About Crane Reed
Crane Reed Property Management, LLC grew out of a need to further service our owners and investors. Our management success is directly attributed to understanding all aspects of the operating process and procedures of property management.

Our approach is simple; maintain each property and maximize the owner’s rental income while alleviating many of the headaches that owners normally have to endure. This approach will allow the owner to focus more on their own occupation, lifestyle, and/or retirement.

Our owners satisfaction is the utmost priority along with integrity and honesty. This mission, along with our talents, allows us to easily assist our owners with solid business, negotiating, and marketing skills for their residential rentals and multi-unit properties.
About Courtney Smitheman
Courtney Smitheman has been a top producer in the Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie County real estate market for ten years. She was also a market-defying innovator during the economic downturn in 2008, where only the strongest and smartest survived. Courtney Smitheman and Crane Reed Properties, the boutique agency she launched in 2005, not only stayed afloat, but also managed to thrive while other agencies were either closing their doors or merging with other companies. This not only demonstrated her fiscally conservative principals but it also demonstrated her ability to attract clients and create value for her many investors and homebuyers.
Committed to helping our customers maximize their asset value.
Her extraordinary vision has positioned Crane Reed as the industry leader across all segments from investment properties to estates, single family homes and condominiums across all price points. With her expertise and her "hit the ground running" work ethic, she stays ahead of new market trends at all times while maximizing value for her clients based on current market conditions. A prime example of her strong drive and innovation was the launch of Crane Reed Property Management. This entity was created for the purpose of offering a comprehensive list of management services in order to maximize her client's investment, maintain asset value, and minimize expenses.

In summary, Courtney Smitheman, in conjunction with Crane Reed Properties and Crane Reed Property Management, is dedicated to providing exceptional service and value for all clients, and doing so with finesse.
Courtney has spent the past 18 years in Northern Palm Beach County where she also resides.
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